By choosing Raiko Energy Roof you take care of:


This is a tribute to the planet Earth and a natural choice of every socially responsible owner of a one-family house. With RAIKO ENERGY ROOF ecology doesn’t mean sacrifice!


The use of this solution allows you to maintain or even significantly improve the aesthetics of your house’s roof. We provide a 20-years warranty for a deep, eye-catching color. RAIKO ENERGY ROOF is both light and durable with a high corrosion resistance.


Installing a renewable energy source system is an investment that not only pays for itself in full and makes your house energy-independent, but also starts earning for itself in the long run. Raiko Energy Roof is extremely effective and does not lose efficiency even when part of the module is shaded.

The most important benefits
  • High efficiency CIGS thin film PV cells / modules
  • Elastic
  • Multiple LEDs and cell connections
  • No degradation at high voltage
  • Aerodynamics design
  • Can be installed without a perforated roof
  • Integral roof warranty on approved substrates
  • Lower gray energy / carbon
  • Pre-attached to the roof under factory conditions
  • No additional structure to support the modules
  • Light (2-3 kg / m2)
  • Excellent low light performance compared to crystalline silicon
  • Textured top layer of Teflon type
  • Direct contact with the substrate of the building envelope
  • Not brittle and integrated into the roof
  • Prevents cold bridging when attached to bracket
  • Installed at the same time as the roof
  • Simple plug connection
  • All integrated
  • Less power degradation at higher temperatures

Why choose Raiko Energy Roof


A sheet metal roof is up to 20 times lighter than other solutions. At the same time it is so durable that it doesn’t require any additional reinforcements. It is installed easily and quickly, minimizing the cost of a roofing work.


Roof sheets can also be installed on old roofings with a weakened structure. The steel sheet is fully recyclable.


The use of roofing sheets and accessories is a profitable investment, influenced also by savings in construction of a foundation, walls, roof structure and the covering itself – with accessories and setup.


A well-mounted metal roofing provides an excellent protection from breaking during whirlwinds. Invisible connections between sheets prevents individual elements from tearing off. You also don’t have to worry that a module will be broken or damaged during a setup of extreme weather events. Moreover, in a comparison of traditional panels, RAIKO ENERGY ROOF mutes the interior of your house.



Shading a part of the mat doesn’t affect the efficiency of the entire installation. There is no need to install neither microinverters nor power optimizers as it is in case with standard modules. Up to 125W of clean energy can be produced on a single square meter of the roof!


Sheet metal roofing is one of the most airtight so you can perform technical inspections of the substructure elements and the initial covering layer less frequently. We are completely confident of the highest quality of the product – this is why we provide a lifetime warranty on our roofing materials and a 20-years color warranty. In a field of photovoltaics, we will guarantee 10 years of at least 90% efficiency of the installed solution and 25 years of at least 80%.


We don’t compromise between effect and performance. RAIKO ENERGY ROOF will decorate your house. It is not only effective, but also very good-looking. Therefore we give it not only a lifetime functional guarantee, but also a 20-years guarantee for an intense color.

Choose a variant for yourself

To adjust the product to your needs and preferences, we have prepared RAIKO ENERGY ROOF in two options:


  • easy to install; thanks to prefabricated panels, roofing works will not be complicated;
  • extremely flexible;
  • could be mounted on a roof of any shape;
  • resistant to extreme weather conditions;
  • stiff and stable;
  • 0.6 cm thickness of the panels ensure resistance to deformations caused by undulations;
  • eco-friendly: our roofs are made of the Swedish Greencoat SSAB steel, in which the varnish coatings are mixed with vegetable oils instead of industrial oils.

For this variant, we not only give you a lifetime functional warranty, but also a 20-years color warranty. We are confident about the quality of our product, because we use as much as 350g of zinc per square meter to protect the color, while 275g is the industry standard.



  • extremely stiff;
  • durable, eliminates a risk of surface waviness after snapping it;
  • perfect for roofs with a low inclination angle;
  • safe to mount, carry and use;
  • very good-looking and elegant;
  • exceptionally high seam;
  • eco-friendly: our roofs are made of the Swedish Greencoat SSAB steel, in which the varnish coatings are mixed with vegetable oils instead of industrial oils

Get to know it better
Nominal power [W] 35 75 110 145 180 215
Power output tolerance [W] +/ -10%
Voltage at nom. power [V] 34.4 35.1 34.5 35.1 35.6 34.5
Current at nom. power [A] 1.02 2.14 3.20 4.14 5.07 6.24
Open circuit voltage [V] 48.0 49.0 49.0 49.0 49.0 48.1
Short-circuit current [A] 1.28 2.56 3.80 5.12 6.42 7.65
Maximum system voltage [V] 1000
Max. serial fuse rating [A] 10
Technical characteristics
Material SSAB Sweden – steel carbon steel PLX,
zinc 350 g/m²
0,5 / 0,6 mm steel sheet,
0,6 mm SSAB sheet,
Thickness 0,6 mm 0,5 / 0,6 mm
Weight 4,5 kg/m² 0,5 mm – 2,29 kg/m.b. (4,37 kg/m²)
0,5 mm – 2,77 kg/m.b. (5,29 kg/m²)
Maximum length of
a roof panel
30 m -0,5 – 12 m.b.
Functional / color warranty 50
/ 20 years
lifelong (doesn’t include a tile restrictions) / 20 years
Color options available
in standard
Matt coating:
black 015 (RAL 9005),
graphite 036 (RAL 7016)
Matt coating:
black 015 (RAL 9005),
graphite 036 (RAL 7016)
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